Through a variety of opportunities, we invite Atidniks to become involved at different entry points based on their interests, passions, and availability.

IPF Atid 2023 Leadership Summit

IPF Atid 2023 Leadership Summit is a three-day seminar for leaders of IPF Steering Committees.

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Steering Committee Involvement

Chapter cities are led by 10-15-person Steering Committees that bring Israel Policy Forum’s content and ideas to their community.

Chapter Homepages

Interested in joining an IPF Atid Chapter Steering Committee? Apply here! This is a great way to have a large impact on your local community.

Steering Committee requirements broadly include:

  • A commitment to shaping a more nuanced discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in your community
  • A commitment to advancing a two-state outcome
  • Participating in group meetings and conversations (email, conference calls, and other group messaging)
  • Spearheading at least one initiative, joining a planning committee, or serving in a volunteer role on you Steering Committee each calendar year
  • Strategically involving personal networks in events and other communal activities and helping recruit IPF Atidniks
  • Supporting Israel Policy Forum through financial and other means; it is recommended that Steering Committee Members donate at least $100 annually. We do not want there to be any financial barrier to entry, so please do not allow this to deter you.

OneTable Shabbat Dinners

IPF Atid and OneTable have partnered to build community and host informed discussions around the Shabbat dinner table.

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Supporter Community

IPF Atid donors with a minimum gift of $100 per year gain access to intimate briefings and exclusive events.

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