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Commit to quarterly Initiatives on:

Mastering the Issues

Increase your expertise and explore the in-depth policy proposals driving the conversation forward.

Shaping the Discourse

Advance a pragmatic dialogue on peace and security with your networks of friends and family.

Mobilizing Communal Support

Inspire positive change by broadening individual and organizational backing for a future Jewish, democratic, secure Israel.

Take advantage of IPF's expertise with:

Educational Resources

Become informed of the latest developments from the region with state-of-the-art maps, video courses, and expert analysis.

Intimate Briefings

Join intimate in-person and interactive online conversations with IPF's policy advisors and partners in Israel to engage with those advancing prospects for peace.

Quarterly Initiatives

Commit to shaping the discourse and mobilizing support in your communities with the help of IPF's resources and staff.

Questions? Ideas? Contact Adam Basciano at 212-315-1741 or email