What We Do:

Elevate the Discourse

Advancing a pragmatic conversation on Israel through educational resources, OneTable Shabbat dinners, and opinion pieces written by IPF Atidniks

Mobilize Communal Support

Recruiting invested individuals through Israel Policy Forum programs, digital content, and new communal partnerships

Commit to Project Channels

Creating positive impact on-the-ground with Israeli and Palestinian millennial counterparts through project-specific programs and content


Join a Regional Steering Committee

Become involved in building a local community of diverse, informed young professionals

Host OneTable Shabbat Dinners and Salons

Invite those in your network to your home or nearby restaurant for an informed discussion of your choosing

Apply for the Charles Bronfman Conveners Summit

(Application Deadline: May 31, 2019) Join our new community of leaders who develop personal IPF Atid projects within their own communities



Representing IPF Atid in key meetings and planning sessions, delegates will emerge with a greater understanding of the on-the-ground political and security considerations related to Israeli-Palestinian affairs. They will return to North America prepared to continue initiating meaningful engagements and partnerships in support of the two-state vision.

JOIN: IPF Atid Supporter Community

IPF Atid Supporters receive intimate access to briefings and conversations with high-level guests from across the political and diplomatic communities. Supporters are young professionals contributing to Israel Policy Forum with a minimum gift of $100 per year.


WATCH: IPF Atid at One Year

Dr. Nimrod Novik (Israel Fellow, IPF):

“As an Israeli who was fortunate enough to work with the giants of the founding generation, I worry that the next American Jewish generation will be less supportive of our country than previous generations were when Peres and Rabin called upon them. IPF Atid is the answer to my concern in making sure – that in supporting the two-state solution – the next generation of leaders is fully versed with the issues and actively engaged.”

Nimrod Novik served as an Advisor for almost a decade to Shimon Peres during his tenure as Prime Minister and Vice Premier. During those years, Novik was involved in all related foreign policy matters including peace talks with Arab leaders, negotiations with Moscow over Soviet Jewry, and other national security issues.

The IPF Atidnik is someone who:

Follows the issues

Be informed of the latest developments surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Utilize a wide variety of sources and do not view issues purely through a zero-sum perspective

Engages with Israel Policy Forum analysis and content

Receive Thursday’s Weekly Update and join the IPF Atid Facebook community – Engage with Israel Policy Forum content such as podcasts, commentary pieces, conference calls, and more

Attends public programs

Participate in local events – Retweet and share content

Advances IPF Atid’s mission

Recruit new IPF Atidniks and seek new partnerships – Apply for leadership opportunities and write op-eds

Supports Israel Policy Forum – Join IPF Atid Supporter Community

Enable our content to reach even wider audiences around the country – Represent IPF Atid in high-level meetings with key diplomatic and political stakeholders

Questions? Ideas? Contact us at 212-315-1741 or email atid@ipforum.org