There are various IPF Atid programs that Atidniks engage in in order to learn and build community.

Pictured: The 2018 Cohort with Former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority Salam Fayyad, Charles Bronfman and Ambassador Martin Indyk

Charles Bronfman Conveners Program

The Charles Bronfman IPF Atid Conveners program gets kicked off with an immersive training for 25 leaders, followed by a year of initiatives and personal projects in Conveners’ home communities.

Leadership Delegations

The Leadership Delegation offers young professionals the opportunity to meet with high-level leaders, policy experts, grassroots activists, and journalists in the region.

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IPF Atid Policy Fellowship

The IPF Atid Policy Fellowship is a yearlong, paid fellowship offered to undergraduate students who are passionate about Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state, the two-state solution, Middle East policy, and building relationships with fellow students locally and nationally. Fellows will be committed to promoting nuanced, informed, policy-based discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They will be part of an intimate national cohort of campus leaders who will learn together and support each other throughout the year while growing the IPF Atid community.

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Women, Peace & Security Initiative

 “Given today’s polarized environment, it is critically important to have diverse voices involved at the table and to make a special inclusion of women. With IPF Atid staff and leadership, I look forward to introducing the WPS Initiative to Jewish and policy communities throughout the U.S.”

– Rachel Wallace, WPS Chair & 2018 Convener

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