Leadership Levels


Insider Network $1,800+

IPF Insiders receive access to off-the-record policy analysis and conference calls featuring senior research and policy experts. The Insider community is invited to in-person briefings and will be kept updated about the latest developments on matters of peace and security in the Middle East.

IPF Atid Young Professionals: $900

Ambassador Network $5,000+

In addition to off-the-record conference calls, IPF Ambassadors receive special security briefs from IPF’s Israel Fellow, as well as timely on-the-ground updates from IPF’s other partners in Israel. The Ambassador community also receives access to private briefings from visiting experts.

IPF Atid Young Professionals: $2,500

Policy Circle $10,000+

In addition to Insider and Ambassador Network analysis and commentary, Policy Circle members are offered additional opportunities for engagement. IPF Policy Circle members are invited to join delegations to the Middle East and will receive priority briefings and access at IPF events.

IPF Atid Young Professionals: $5,000

Advisory Council $25,000+

As the organization’s senior-most leadership community, the Advisory Council formulates and promotes IPF policy, ideas, and strategy. Members of this prominent group can sponsor content, special events, and other unique IPF programs to strategically advance the organization and its mission.