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We promote policies not politics.

We are dedicated to developing and promoting pragmatic policies that advance the goal of a two-state solution while enhancing Israel’s security.

We break down myths and barriers.

We are committed to elevating the discourse around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with educational programming for policymakers and Jewish communal leaders.

We are building for the future.

In 2017, we launched IPF Atid, a millennial-led community to facilitate new connections, conversations, and campaigns surrounding the most pressing topics and issues in Israeli-Palestinian affairs.

We don’t believe in slogans or shortcuts.

We are the go-to source for credible, nuanced analysis of the issues for policy makers, Jewish communal leaders, and journalists across political, denominational, geographic, and generational spectrums.

We see strength in partnership.

We partner with US and Israel-based policy and security experts to formulate credible ideas, and provide an array of community organizations with educational programming that fosters constructive dialogue.

We reach more and more people each year.

Our briefings, podcasts, community programming and weekly Koplow column grew considerably in 2020, reaching tens of thousands of listeners, participants, and readers.