Yesh Atid

Leader: Yair Lapid
Current Seats: 11
Government/Opposition in Last Knesset: Opposition
Supports/Opposes Two-State Solution: Supports

Yesh Atid is a centrist party that first entered the Israeli political scene in the 2013 elections, outperforming existing centrist and center-left factions like Labor. Yesh Atid entered a coalition with Netanyahu’s Likud, but irreconcilable differences between the two helped bring down the government, and Yesh Atid has remained in the opposition ever since. The party is led by its founder, Yair Lapid, a former broadcast journalist, newspaper columnist, and actor.

Since its inception in 2012, the centrist Yesh Atid party has sat in the opposition benches and in government with Netanyahu's Likud.

Yesh Atid originally ran on a centrist and secular platform. Lapid initially faced a confrontation with the Haredi sector, namely over his support for drafting ultra-Orthodox Israelis into the military, as is standard practice for other Jewish citizens. At the same time, Lapid has also sought to appeal to religious voters and counter any perception of him being anti-clerical. On the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Yesh Atid supports a two-state solution with the annexation of some major West Bank settlements. Lapid has stridently avoided the labeling of his party as left-wing, going so far as to cite avoiding association with the left as his reason for not running a joint list with Tzipi Livni’s Hatnuah in the upcoming election. Critics have accused Yesh Atid of shifting positions according to political convenience rather than ideological conviction.

Yair Lapid has been careful to avoid being labeled left-wing.

Before elections were called, Yair Lapid stated that he would not dismiss the idea of joining a Netanyahu-led coalition. He has attempted to court retired IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz to run alongside him in a joint list, but Gantz has rebuffed the advances. Neither Lapid nor Gantz are willing to cede the number one spot on whichever party they run under.