Our Values

Committed to building support among American Jewish leaders and US policymakers for the realization of a viable two-state solution that would ensure Israel’s security, Israel Policy Forum’s work will be driven by the following values:

Intellectual Integrity

Israel Policy Forum’s work is rooted in educational content, fact-based research, and analysis. Our positions are supported by Israeli and American security and policy experts.

We believe that honest and credible information is critical to understanding difficult and complex issues. We believe positions should be rooted in sound research, not political expediency.


Israel Policy Forum provides substantive analysis and constructive proposals, not simplistic sloganeering.

We communicate directly, never shying away from the complexities of the conflict, the significance of challenges, and the need to seek pragmatic opportunities.


Israel Policy Forum seeks partnerships with an array of policy and community-based organizations to formulate credible ideas, educate a diverse community in a productive discourse, and foster constructive dialogue.

We believe collaborative relationships - between the US and Israel, between Israelis and Palestinians, and across the American Jewish landscape - are essential to advancing successful, sustainable policies. We believe it is important to engage with those who have different viewpoints, including those with whom we disagree.


Israel Policy Forum supports policies that aim to ensure a secure, Jewish, democratic future for the State of Israel and programs that seek to educate community and policy leaders who support a strong and enduring US-Israel and Israel-Diaspora relationship.

We are pro-Israel and passionate about Israel’s future as a secure, Jewish, and democratic state.


Israel Policy Forum seeks to take the long view - always identifying pragmatic opportunities to advance our mission even when it is confronted with significant challenges.

We recognize that securing and sustaining a two-state solution will be a long and difficult course, and we proudly continue the tradition—typified by those who worked for centuries toward the Zionist dream—of perseverance in focused pursuit of our mission.