Leader: Ahmad Tibi
Current Seats: 2
Government/Opposition in Last Knesset: Opposition
Supports/Opposes Two-State Solution: Supports

Ahmad Tibi split Ta’al, an Arab special interest party, from the Joint List after elections were called for 2019.

Ta'al would support a center-left minority government from the opposition benches.

Tibi, who was an adviser to the P.L.O. on Arab Israeli citizens, aims to support a center-left minority government. This means that he would recommend a center-left Zionist candidate to be prime minister, possibly Yair Lapid, and vote with the government on some matters, but would not join the coalition. Tibi’s primary aim in this regard is to unseat Netanyahu as prime minister. A similar minority government model allowed the government of Yitzhak Rabin to push forward the Oslo peace process with support from opposition Arab MKs.

MK Ahmad Tibi’s Ta’al party is small, but he could prove more popular among Arab Israelis than Joint List leader Ayman Odeh.

Tibi claims to support a two-state solution, but alleges that it may be impossible because of the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump. Tibi is against West Bank settlements and military action and Gaza, citing these as reasons for not joining a government. However, he opposes the permanent opposition status of other Palestinian-Israeli factions.

While Ahmad Tibi’s faction was small within the Joint List, he commands significant popularity among Palestinian citizens of Israel, likely even outpacing Joint List leader and Hadash head Ayman Odeh.