Secure, Jewish, and Democratic:

Schusterman Senior Fellows Trip With Israel Policy Forum

October 15-19, 2023


The Schusterman Fellowship is partnering again with Israel Policy Forum for a new learning journey in Israel and the West Bank, tailored for Jewish leaders.

This unique program for Senior Fellows, fueled by credible resources and experts, will offer a nuanced exploration of the policies, narratives, and political dimensions shaping Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This timely program will provide a deep dive into current threats to the vision of a secure, Jewish, democratic Israel.

Educational experiences with Israel Policy Forum are an accelerator for deepening knowledge, inspiring commitment, and empowering leaders. Through a five-day immersion into the geopolitical realities on the ground and meaningful engagement with high-level Israeli and Palestinian decision-makers and community leaders, we will provide a unique, unforgettable experience for Jewish leaders.

Learn More and Apply by June 15


Israel Policy Forum’s professional staff and carefully selected outside experts will join participants and share their expertise to facilitate a meaningful, high-impact exploration of the narratives, policies, and politics shaping the region.

Traveling through Israel and the West Bank means being in the field. An emphasis will be placed on visiting strategic sights, connecting with essential Israeli and Palestinian players, and unpacking some of the most complex issues facing Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our facilitated discussions will deepen the experience and content, making new knowledge accessible and ensure that it is useful upon returning home. 


Communal discourse on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has grown increasingly polarized in recent years. Jewish leaders—whether their work directly touches Israel or not—require the confidence to productively navigate these challenging conversations. Israel Policy Forum’s travel experience equips professionals by delivering dispassionate, nuanced perspectives—all within a supportive, safe atmosphere. 

Itinerary Draft (In Formation)

Sunday, October 15 

  • Arrive to Jerusalem by Sunday afternoon for hotel check-in 
  • Opening Orientation and Dinner Discussion
  • Overnight in Jerusalem 

Monday, October 16 – Jerusalem, Security, and Israeli Identity

  • Expert-guided tour of Jerusalem surroundings examining flashpoints across the city
  • Meeting with leading scholars on the evolution on Israeli identities
  • Group debrief 
  • Meeting with experts on current and future regional threats to Israel’s security 
  • Meeting with Israeli and Palestinian local Jerusalem activists and social entrepreneurs  
  • Overnight in Jerusalem 

Tuesday, October 17 – The Future of Palestinian identity and the Palestinian National Movement

  • Expert-guided tour of the central/northern West Bank, examining key flashpoints 
  • Meeting with Israeli settler leadership 
  • Meeting with independent Palestinian activists and analysts on the evolution and future of Palestinian identity and the Palestinian national movement
  • Meeting with Palestinian Authority officials 
  • Group debrief dinner 
  • Overnight in Jerusalem 

Wednesday, October 18 – Points of Tensions and the Meanings of a Jewish State 

  • Expert-guided tour of the southern West Bank 
  • Visit to Hebron or Bethlehem with Israeli and Palestinian guides 
  • Tour of Gush Etzion settlements with local guides 
  • Group discussion with guest scholars on the meaning and responsibility of the Jewish state 
  • Dinner with political analysts/ scholars and/or government officials 
  • Overnight in Jerusalem 

Thursday, October 19 – The Future of Israeli Politics, Democracy, and Our Shared Values

  • Travel to Tel Aviv
    Meeting with democracy activists and scholars on the state of Israel’s democracy 
  • Unpacking the meaning of “shared values” with Israeli peers 
  • Meeting political analysts and political leaders on key current issues impacting Israeli politics
  • Group debrief closing session
  • Depart for airport