A Realistic Reset

Laying the groundwork for two states

Fact Sheet

Policy Platform

Israel Policy Forum supports an integrated policy agenda that seeks to achieve near-term stability for both Israel and the Palestinians while continuing to advance the interests of both sides and lay the groundwork for a sustainable two-state outcome. This agenda has four issue areas of focus:

Strengthen the U.S.-Israel Relationship and Israel’s Security

  • Protect security assistance
  • Discourage annexation
  • Partner Jordan and Egypt
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Rebuild U.S.-Palestinian Ties

  • Restore assistance
  • Reopen U.S. consulate in Jerusalem
  • Explore reopening PLO mission in D.C.
  • Urge PA governance/martyr payment reform
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Expand Israel’s Regional Integration

  • Elevate regional engagement
  • Encourage productive normalization
  • Ensure sustainability of Israel-Arab ties
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Restore a Political Horizon for a Two-State Outcome

  • Return to traditional final status parameters
  • Preserve prospects for two states
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Policy Report

A New U.S. Strategy for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Today’s realities demand that the United States change its approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Its current focus is on high-profile diplomatic initiatives that aim for a permanent agreement in which the United States is the central mediator. Instead, the United States must focus on taking tangible steps, both on the ground and diplomatically, that will improve the freedom, prosperity, and security of all people living between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, while also cultivating the conditions for a future two-state agreement negotiated between the parties.

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