Leader: Ayman Odeh
Current Seats: 6
Government/Opposition in Last Knesset: Opposition
Supports/Opposes Two-State Solution: Supports

Two predominantly Palestinian factions, Ta’al and Hadash, are running a joint list. Hadash, led by Ayman Odeh, is a union of the Israeli Communist Party with other leftist and Arab groups. Ta’al is a Palestinian-Israeli special interest faction led by Ahmad Tibi. 

Ta'al, which is running alongside Hadash, would support a center-left minority government from the opposition benches.

Tibi, who was an adviser to the P.L.O. on Arab Israeli citizens, aims to support a center-left minority government. This means that he would recommend a center-left Zionist candidate to be prime minister and vote with the government on some matters, but would not join the coalition. Tibi’s primary aim in this regard is to unseat Netanyahu as prime minister. A similar minority government model allowed the government of Yitzhak Rabin to push forward the Oslo peace process with support from opposition Arab MKs.

Ta’al split from the mostly-Palestinian Joint List, led by Hadash’s Ayman Odeh, at the start of the 2019 campaign season. While Ahmad Tibi’s faction was small within the Joint List, he commands significant popularity among Palestinian citizens of Israel, and was initially projected outperform the Joint List headed up by Ayman Odeh. The Joint List had been plagued by disagreements among its constituent factions, especially the more radical nationalist Balad and Islamist United Arab List blocs. On February 21, 2019, amid attempts to preserve the Joint List, Tibi and Odeh agreed to join forces. Their unified list will be led by Odeh, with Tibi taking the second position.

Hadash leader MK Ayman Odeh will head up a joint list between his party and Ahmad Tibi’s Ta’al.

Ayman Odeh and Hadash support a two-state solution based on Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Tibi also claims to support a two-state solution, but alleges that it may be impossible because of the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump. Tibi is against West Bank settlements and military action and Gaza, citing these as reasons for not joining a government. However, he opposes the permanent opposition status of other Palestinian-Israeli factions.