A four-day immersive training in Israel Policy Forum’s mission, content, and work ahead in advancing informed discussions towards a viable two-state solution.

Summit Features:

  • Meetings with Israel Policy Forum’s professional and lay leadership

  • Briefings with experts on the region and two-state solution

  • Intimate meetings with diplomats

  • Leadership development and organizing workshops

Bronfman Conveners return following the summit with the necessary background, skills, and resources to elevate and shape the discourse with their networks and home cities.


Arrive on Saturday

New York City

Depart on Tuesday evening

Washington, DC


Using Israel Policy Forum resources to understand current events in the Middle East, Adina Wollner is leading a discussion group series for Bay Area young professionals with a particular focus on ways that the San Francisco community can support work being done by Israelis and Palestinians on-the-ground.
Brianna Goodlin recently led a session on Israeli-Palestinian affairs with ZBT fraternity leaders at their annual conference in Chicago. The group focused on issues such as settlements and the Palestinian Authority, as well the means for campus leaders to articulate their viewpoints in productive and non-alienating ways. Goodlin is also curating and leading an eight-session series for a diverse cohort of Chicago young professionals.

Who can apply?

Young professionals (ages 21-39) from across North America are encouraged to apply.

Do I need to already be involved with Israel Policy Forum and IPF Atid to be considered?

No, applicants with varying degrees of involvement will be selected to participate. Participants will be selected from across North America, including from (but not limited to) existing IPF Atid chapters in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC.

What does it mean to be a Charles Bronfman Convener?

Participants are selected through an application process to attend a four-day, educational training program in New York and DC. Participants will emerge with an increased fluency of the two-state solution and of their access to relevant Israel Policy Forum resources to support dialogues and programs in their communities.

In the year following the summit, the 25 Conveners will translate their training into action. Working with Israel Policy Forum’s professional team and national network of lay leaders, participants will identify opportunities to strategically engage their networks and affiliations. The cohort of leaders will also brainstorm and spearhead their own initiatives to advance our shared vision.  

What type of projects are the current 2018 Charles Bronfman Conveners engaged in?

Conveners are leading a variety of projects that range both in local and national scale, private and public settings, and across different target communities. Examples include intimate conversations with Consul Generals, informational sessions on the two-state solution with campus leaders, individual meetings with local Progressive elected officials, and many more.

What will the itinerary look like?

Participants will be present for the entire four-day program, beginning in New York on Saturday evening and ending in Washington D.C. on Tuesday evening. The itinerary will include high-level briefings with policy figures, training workshops, and other intimate sessions with Israel Policy Forum and its leadership.

How much does the summit cost?

The program is highly subsidized in honor of Charles Bronfman’s lifelong commitment to the two-state solution. After a nominal participation fee, there is no cost associated with the summit. Israel Policy Forum will cover food and lodging, as well as travel to New York, into Washington DC, and travel out of Washington.

How and why was this summit created?

In November 2017, Israel Policy Forum recognized its Advisory Council Chairman Charles Bronfman for his leadership in the community with an event in New York and an honorary gift to inspire next generation support for Israel and the two-state solution. Recognizing that extreme polarization currently characterizes the communal dialogue on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this summit and program strives to further elevate the discourse by educating and empowering current leaders to utilize IPF’s resources in their local communities. Bronfman Conveners will have the opportunity to meet and discuss these issues with Charles Bronfman during the summit.

Are students able to apply?

The summit and program is intended for young professionals who have completed their undergraduate studies as of October 2018. Graduate students are encouraged to apply. 

Is the summit Shabbat-friendly?

Yes, the summit will officially begin after Shabbat. Optional activities will be planned throughout Saturday afternoon for participants who arrive early and are interested. Kosher food and drinks will be available with every meal. Early travel and lodging can also be arranged for those observing Shabbat.


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