Zachary Narin, Washington D.C.

Zachary Narin is an analyst on the Hacking for Defense team at BMNT, where he helps clients in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community address critical national security threats at speed. A graduate of Brandeis University with majors in political science, Islamic & Middle Eastern studies, and Jewish Studies, he has long been interested in the cultures, religions, and political dynamics of the Middle East. His senior thesis, “Paradise Lost? The Rise and Fall and Potential Revival of the Arab Peace Initiative,” explored hidden ties between Israel and the Gulf States within the context of lesser-known, regional peacemaking efforts. Beyond his coursework, Zach cut his teeth working in consulting, strategic policy, and diplomacy in Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon respectively. Following graduation, Zach joined Circinus UAE, a defense company based in Abu Dhabi providing open-source analysis to multiple organizations in the private and public sector. There, he developed a passion for leveraging cutting edge technologies to solve tough national security problems and led projects relating to real-time situational awareness and COVID-19 disinformation. Born in Los Angeles and raised in New York City, Zach is the proud brother of three sisters. He recently moved to Washington, DC and now calls Dupont Circle home.