Mahrinah Shije has nearly two decades of experience in Global Development, High Tech Startups, Innovative Philanthropy, and Multi-Lateral Diplomacy as a United Nations NGO Representative. A Serial Entrepreneur herself, she has been in the digital startup space since the early 2000s built, mentored and advised hundreds of startups across the globe. She has served with AJC Access, as a Schusterman REALITY Global Fellow and an advisor and trip leader for REALITY Adelante, with the US Department of State’s Professional Fellows Program, Young Turkey Young America Delegate, and as a 2021 Environmental Diplomacy Fellow, a NEXUS Global member, New Leaders Council Fellow, member of the United Nations Indigenous Peoples Major Working Group, and as part of Tel Aviv Institute’s ‘Jews Talk Justice’ ongoing dialogues. She is currently Partner at Zia Impact, through which she works with clients on impact strategy, infrastructure and sustainable economic development and CEO of the NGO Pueblo Development Commission. She received her education from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business. She lives and works in New York and New Mexico where she is also a Legislative Advisor by appointment to the All Pueblo Council of Governors serving the 20 Pueblo Tribes of New Mexico and Texas. Mahrinah is an impassioned advocate for Indigenous rights, leadership and visibility as a Tewa and Sephardic woman.