Kara Wilson (Hillsborough, NJ) is a director at Project Shema, a non-profit initiative that supports the Jewish community and its allies to address how anti-Jewish ideas can emerge in discourse around Israel and Palestine within progressive spaces. She is a dedicated advocate for religious pluralism and social justice, actively supporting the Reform movement in the United States and Israel. As a Jew of color, she is an activist for the Jewish adjacent community and serves as co-chair of the Racial, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Board Committee through the Union for Reform Judaism. Kara is also a board member at Temple Beth Elin Hillsborough, New Jersey, contributing to its growth and development. Kara was a past Makloket Matters fellow through Pardes. She also consults on two large longevity research projects, playing a pivotal role in providing strategic guidance. In her free time, she finds joy in studying Torah, running, and drawing while residing in Central New Jersey with her partner and two children, ages 2 and 10.