Powered by IPF Atid is a support mechanism for members of IPF Atid’s Leadership Network to easily host self-designed events and other initiatives that further IPF Atid’s mission and values in their networks and local communities.

Apply for Support From Powered by IPF Atid Here

Who is able to apply? Who is in the Leadership Network?

Members of IPF Atid’s Leadership Network are able to apply for support. This includes Steering Committee members, Charles Bronfman Conveners, Delegation members, and Channel Working Group members. If you aren’t sure if you are eligible, reach out to a member of the IPF Atid staff and we’d be happy to touch base.

What are the ways IPF Atid staff can support my future project event?

IPF Atid is prepared to provide strategic, logistical, and financial support as appropriate and necessary to make your project a success – and we can be reached throughout any point of your planning. Whether strategizing best practices and program ideas, facilitating connections with other planners and speakers, or helping handle logistics or marketing – we’re here to support you! 

How much money can I receive? What can I use it on?

Every program is different and requires varying levels of support; in general, applicants can apply to receive up to $500 per project. Taking into account that most programs are virtual in 2021, these numbers are subject to change as other factors change in coming years. Final amounts allocated will be at the discretion of IPF staff, and additional funding can be accessed when appropriate.

*In the virtual realm, you can use funding for a speaker/presenter honorarium, relevant marketing expenses, food or drinks for attendees (TBD), or other creative ideas to support the program. Once it is safe to resume in-person programming, funding can cover more expenses. An example budget is attached below. 

How branded can/must my project be?

The extent to which IPF Atid’s brand/PWD logo is incorporated into each project depends on each project and the corresponding vision and content, as communicated and strategized with staff. In some instances, it may make more sense for IPF Atid’s brand to not appear publicly. 

Am I guaranteed to get my program accepted if I fill out the form? 

Not necessarily, but you are guaranteed not to get support if you don’t fill it out! IPF Atid is excited to help support as many projects as appropriate and possible around the country that advance Israel Policy Forum’s mission and values.

What are examples of programs I can host?

Examples of standard programs include Shabbat dinners, intimate briefings with speakers, happy hours, and roundtable discussions. Any program that creates a space for young professionals to engage in nuanced conversations about Israel, Israel Policy Forum’s policy reports and positions, or other topics related to IPF’s organizational values is eligible to be considered for funding, so be creative! See below for specific past projects that Atidniks have successfully planned. 

*In the virtual realm, ideas include virtual book clubs, watch parties of relevant shows/movies, Zoom meetings and briefings, and other creative ideas that bring value to communities.

How do these programs relate to IPF’s other public/general programs?

IPF aims to consistently host large public programs for the community, whether regionally or nationally through webinar programs. As part of the IPF Atid community’s unique value-add to the wider community (and organization), more localized programs and projects that are “Powered by IPF Atid” have the potential to reach others more uniquely and effectively.

When programming returns to the in-person, IPF Atid plans to resume large public programs for chapter communities on a quarterly basis (every 3 months) – allowing ample space for “Powered by IPF Atid” programs to engage audiences.

Past Atidnik-Led Projects:

Shabbats & Special Projects/Partnerships: In conjunction with IPF Atid’s Women, Peace & Security (WPS) Channel, a Los Angeles Atidnik hosted a Shabbat dinner program for young professionals to network and discuss inclusive approaches to peacebuilding. A Chicago Convener hosted an engaging Shabbat dinner and conversation for young professionals in their city, in collaboration with the OneVoice Movement and featuring Ezzeldeen Masri, a Gaza born member of their staff. 

Engaging Leaders in High School and College, July 2019: A member of the Chicago Steering Committee represented Israel Policy Forum at a college fraternity leadership conference, where they led a 1.5 hour session on Zionism and post-campus life for Jewish young professionals. IPF Atid staff supported the project by brainstorming the session’s concept and shipping IPF materials to the event.

Policy-Maker Engagement, September 2019: A Los Angeles-based convener arranged a briefing on the “In Search of a Viable Option” study for the California Jewish Legislative Caucus members and their staff with Policy Director Michael Koplow.

IPF Atid Public Mobilization and Grassroots Organizing Campaigns, July 2020: A Chicago Convener hosted private virtual salon meet-up to discuss the importance of opposing annexation, as part of IPF Atid’s #OurFutureIsrael campaign.

New Event Creation & Private Networks/Community Briefings, September 2019: A Los Angeles Convener hosted an educational program and networking event for entertainment community professionals on developments in Israeli politics, featuring Israel Policy Forum Executive Director David Halperin.

Interfaith Engagement and Dialogues, February 2019: A DC Convener led outreach to a Christian Zionist partnering organization, hosting an innovative networking program that brought together young professionals of different faiths through a crisis simulation role-playing game (topic of “Gaza Sanitation and Diplomatic Crisis”).

Dialogue Groups Around Relevant Topics, 2019: Chicago and San Francisco Atidniks each hosted their own private meet-up groups to discuss different topics and current events (similar to a book club format), utilizing Israel Policy Forum resources and support for sessions every 4-6 weeks.

What is the process for receiving support from the Powered by IPF Atid?

Once Leadership Network members apply using this form, IPF Atid staff will be in touch regarding the status of your application and further ideas for your project. Atidnik leaders should not move forward with their projects until they receive approval from staff. If approved, staff will communicate details regarding how the support and funding (if necessary) will be specifically allocated. As of now, all financial costs will be handled by IPF Atid staff.

If I’m a member of a Chapter Steering Committee, who am I encouraged to reach out to prior to submitting the application form?

IPF Atid encourages you to brainstorm your ideas with other members of the Steering Committee, and we require that you communicate your plans with the Chapter Chair so that they are kept in the loop and can provide additional input.

How does contacting speakers work? Can you get any speaker you want?

Applicants should not reach out to speakers on behalf of IPF Atid without getting prior approval from staff to do so, given relevant organizational considerations and since IPF has existing close relationships with many potential speakers. As Israel Policy Forum is a 501c3 nonpartisan nonprofit organization, funds allocated from our organization cannot go to political candidates or partisan organizations. Staff will also use discretion in rare instances in which potential speakers may not align with organizational values or mission.

When can I start planning my event and begin publicizing it with relevant audiences?

Once you’ve heard confirmation/approval from IPF Atid staff for your project and any possible funding, you are all set to begin confirming logistics and plans for your event. You will hear from staff within 2 weeks of your application’s submission. 



If the cost exceeds a certain amount, what are other options for gaining funding?

There may be alternative non-IPF Atid funding sources to help ensure success of your project, should IPF Atid not be able to fully support it. These ideas include partnerships with other organizations and entities, as well as other creative ideas that can arise from shared brainstorming.

Where can I find inspiration for events, speakers, and other related ideas?

Always feel free to reach out to IPF Atid staff for ideas – but you can click to explore past IPF events on Youtube, guests from our podcast, or our WPS Channel Featured Speaker list.

What if I have a really big idea that would require more than $500?

We encourage you to still apply or to first communicate with IPF Atid staff about your big ideas!

How will Powered by IPF Atid change in 2022 or when programs resume in-person?

There will not be many changes needed, since IPF Atid designed this support mechanism to be utilized both during and after the pandemic. Once in-person resumes, there will be a short period of readjustment before projects “Powered by IPF Atid” will help lead an ambitious return to valuable programming for our networks.