Chelsea Waserman is a member of Israel Policy Forum’s first Canadian Steering Committee. She currently works as a research assistant for Western University researching policies to deepen democracies while preparing to apply to law school. As a former Policy and Research Associate to the Institute for the Global Study of Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP), she conducted research on antisemitism in higher education and facilitated and attended the Institute’s summer programs at Oxford and Cambridge universities in 2022. Prior to that, Chelsea lived in Israel where she completed a Master of Public Policy through the international program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at Tel Aviv University. After living through the escalation in May of 2021, she co-founded an organization called Amplify Unity which put together deliberative public forums for university students in Israel to discuss policy issues pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (the conclusions of which became the basis for policy recommendations). In Israel, she also worked as an intern for Alliance for Middle East Peace, a leading peace organization in the region, researching how to enhance the capacity of the Palestinian peacebuilding community to transform the conflict. She has an Honours undergraduate degree from Western University in Social Justice and Peace Studies (2020), during which she completed a restorative justice internship for an Indigenous rights organization (Atlohsa Family Healing Centre), and two legal internships. Through student leadership roles, she fundraised and volunteered building homes for low-income families in the community and worked as an organizer in human rights advocacy.