Michael D. Young, an attorney by training, has been a Board member of the Israel Policy Forum since 2008. He is a member of other Middle-East related advocacy and philanthropic organizations, such as Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP); as well as a member of various law-related organizations, including currently serving as Chair of the Board of Legal Services NYC. He is a founder, shareholder and full-time neutral with JAMS, the largest private dispute resolution firm in the world. He is recognized as one of the leading neutrals in the United States and is an elected fellow or member of multiple professional organizations. Michael is also a shareholder of the Center for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in Israel and has conducted mediations  involving Israeli and other Middle-Eastern based companies. Mr. Young is a 1978 graduate of Harvard Law School. He is married to Debra L. Raskin, also an attorney, and has two adult children. He lives in Brooklyn Heights and also owns a home in Jerusalem.