Israel Policy Forum welcomes the U.N. Security Council resolution calling for safe and unhindered humanitarian access to Gaza and the creation of conditions that will allow for the cessation of hostilities. We remain firm in our conviction that those conditions must be the safe return of all hostages being held by Hamas and the removal of Hamas’ capabilities to threaten the safety of Israelis. We are heartened by the resolution’s call for the return of the hostages without condition, though we are disgusted by the Security Council’s inability to condemn Hamas for its spree of murder, rape, and kidnapping on October 7. We hope that this resolution paves the way for more pressure on Hamas to release those it has abducted, and for a larger and more comprehensive effort to assist the millions of Palestinian civilians in Gaza who are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis that must be immediately alleviated. We also call on the U.N. to take all steps possible to ensure going forward that humanitarian assistance goes to Palestinian civilians and is not captured by Hamas.