41. Continue Easing Restrictions on Gaza Imports

Since the May 2021 escalation, Israel has substantially eased restrictions on access and movement of people (as noted regarding work permits) and import and export of goods, including the entry of essential construction materials and some telecommunications equipment. There are current initiatives to allow entry of dual-use materials required for the maintenance and repair of fishing boats (e.g., fiberglass, epoxy) and other large infrastructure projects such as desalination plants. Nonetheless, further easing of restrictions, streamlining processes, and addressing impediments to the imports of goods, materials, and equipment is still necessary. Israel should make its dual-use list more transparent and consistent to ensure Gaza’s business community avoids delays and high costs. Further, Israel should work with the PA, the UN, and donor countries to upgrade the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism and rebrand it as the “Gaza Dual-Use Mechanism” and use this established infrastructure to import into Gaza raw materials, production inputs, equipment, and spare parts, which are now extremely scarce and hinder the further development of industrial capacity in the Strip.