18. Redesignate Evacuated Territory in the Northern West Bank as Area B

As part of the 2005 disengagement from Gaza, the Israeli government also evacuated four settlements from Samaria: Kadim, Ganim, Sanur, and Homesh. Israelis are banned from entering the sites of those former settlements, much as it is illegal for them to enter Area A, but despite there being no official Israeli presence in this evacuated territory, a well-known yeshiva exists in Homesh and the whole territory is still designated as Israeli-controlled Area C. Palestinians, however, do have farms and agricultural land on this territory and are not subject to the travel restrictions there that apply to Israelis. Given the current status on the ground of the former settlements, the territory containing them should be rezoned to Area B, allowing for the Palestinians there to more easily develop the land and recognizing that there are no Israelis whom this move will adversely impact.