16. Reform Planning and Construction for Palestinians in Area C

While the PA has responsibility for planning and zoning in Areas A and B, it has no authority to oversee Palestinian development in Area C. As a result, the 300,000 Palestinians living in Area C are in a constant state of crippling limbo, as Israel does not grant them building permits, does not approve master plans, and issues demolition orders for the structures that they build. This situation has been recently highlighted surrounding the pending demolition of the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, but it is far more widespread, with over 11,000 Palestinian structures in Area C affecting over 200,000 Palestinians under current demolition orders. Israel should increase the housing permits it grants to Palestinians in Area C and consider creating a separate body that oversees Palestinian housing in order to improve ordinary Palestinians’ lives and create a more balanced and equitable situation for how Israelis and Palestinians under direct Israeli jurisdiction are treated.