9. Demand an End to PA Martyr Payments

The Palestinian Authority practice of making payments to families of deceased terrorists and to prisoners convicted of terrorism by Israel has recently come under an increasingly and deserved harsh spotlight. The Taylor Force Act in the U.S. ending any aid that directly benefits the PA, and the Knesset legislation offsetting the amount of tax revenues that Israel transfers to the PA by the amount of funds that go to prisoner and martyr payments, are strong statements but have not yet had their desired effect, with President Abbas continuously pledging to continue these payments until the PA’s last penny.

Every world leader, every government official, and every NGO that interacts with Abbas and PA leaders must make it clear that the PA cannot financially incentivize terror. Continuing to do so – rather than ending these payments in favor of a needs-based welfare system that does not reward violence and crime – will eventually lead to the PA’s financial and institutional demise.