4. Reduce IDF Incursions Into Area A

Despite the Oslo II Accords granting the Palestinian Authority full security control in Area A of the West Bank, as of September 2022 the IDF conducts almost 600 monthly raids into Area A to arrest suspected terrorists. While arresting terrorism suspects is important for Israel’s security, having these raids conducted by the IDF undermines Israel’s security partner, the Palestinian Authority Security Forces, and risks a clash between the IDF and the PASF as the PA comes under pressure to respond to regular Israeli incursions that are barred by the Oslo Accords signed by both sides.

The ongoing security coordination between the IDF and the PA demonstrates that the PASF continue to be an important and responsible partner. Reducing IDF incursions and raids into areas under PA security control will bolster the PASF’s legitimacy and capabilities and ensure that vital security cooperation continues unimpeded.