Israel Policy Forum strongly condemns today’s twin terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and sends condolences to the victim’s family while wishing a swift recovery for all those injured. Bombs packed with nails and shrapnel targeting Israelis at bus stops during their daily commute summon the worst memories and trauma of the Second Intifada and mark an alarming new downturn that cannot continue. The perpetrators and planners of today’s attack must be found and held accountable, and responsible Palestinian leadership requires unreserved condemnation of these acts.

The security situation in the West Bank has been in serious decline for months, notwithstanding increased Israeli military operations in Area A, and it continues to redound inside of Israel. There is no sustainable solution to ensuring security for Israelis without addressing the political dimensions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Violence against civilians is unacceptable, no matter the grievances behind it, and the unfortunate reality is that violence remains more likely the longer the political issues of Palestinian independence and sovereignty are avoided. We hope that the next Israeli government will take concrete steps toward addressing not only the necessary security dimension but the necessary political dimension as well and that the Palestinian Authority will end its policies of incitement and terrorism payments that create momentum for violence. Israelis and Palestinians alike deserve safety and security, and the current atmosphere is not conducive to crafting the better future that is essential to both peoples.