Israel Policy Forum applauds Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s strong and unambiguous commitment to a two-state outcome as being in Israel’s best interest, as laid out today in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly. This commitment is even more significant in light of Lapid’s two immediate predecessors, who were either openly opposed to or purposely ambiguous about a two-state outcome and Israel’s separation from the Palestinians. Given that Prime Minister Lapid is already being criticized for his two-state vision not only by members of the opposition but also by members of his own coalition, we further commend his remarks in the midst of a heated election campaign in which he will receive no political benefit from supporting a two-state outcome.

Lapid’s recognition that two states are necessary, even though their realization is neither easy nor imminent, also aligns Israel with U.S. policy as articulated yesterday at the United Nations by President Joe Biden. As the leaders of the U.S. and Israel both recognize, a viable two-state outcome that protects Israel’s security and provides sovereignty and dignity for Palestinians is the only way forward in preserving Israel as a Jewish and democratic state while fulfilling Palestinians’ legitimate national aspirations. Israel Policy Forum will continue working with U.S. policymakers and American Jewish leaders to craft a pathway to this outcome, and we are heartened that the current Israeli government shares this goal, which is so fundamental to Israel’s future and the continued strength of the U.S.-Israel relationship.