Israel Policy Forum applauds reports of the Department of Defense’s decision not to downgrade the United States Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority (USSC). We continue to contend that downgrading the USSC would erode Israel’s security and put West Bank stability at risk. The USSC plays a critical role in enhancing safety and security for Israelis and Palestinians and facilitating coordination between the IDF and the Palestinian Authority Security Forces, both of which help contribute to progress on the ground towards an eventual two-state outcome. The rank of the USSC head of mission is critical to the mission’s effectiveness, signaling clear U.S. leadership to its other NATO contributors and clear U.S. commitment and credibility to Israeli and Palestinian leaders. 

Israel Policy Forum thanks Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for making this important determination, and the nearly 100 bipartisan Members of Congress who spoke out on this issue, led by Sens. Ossoff and Graham and Reps. Meng and Waltz.

Israel Policy Forum looks forward to the USSC’s continued success in the vital role that it plays in maintaining security and stability for Israelis and Palestinians and furthering U.S. interests in the region. We hope that maintaining the head of mission as a general and flag officer is the first step toward further recognizing the USSC’s importance and achievements, and bolstering and supporting its critical mission.