Prime Minister Naftali Bennett
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid
Defense Minister Benny Gantz
State of Israel


We write to condemn in the strongest possible terms the ongoing terrorism and political violence committed by Jewish Israeli extremists in the West Bank against Palestinians, Israeli civilians, and IDF soldiers. While the latest example of extremists filmed torching a car and violently attacking Palestinians and Israeli activists with clubs outside the village of Burin is particularly egregious, it is sadly not an isolated incident. This disturbing trend must not only be condemned in words but addressed through unequivocal action by the Israeli government and security apparatus.

We recognize that these acts are perpetrated by a small group of radicals. We also recognize that this is not a one-sided problem and that Israelis are also victims of ongoing and increasing attacks by Palestinians. But attacks by Israelis have been steadily increasing and intensifying over the past year, and as pro-Israel Jewish organizations, we are deeply concerned by these trends and request that you address them. These attacks serve as an affront to Israel’s rule of law, to Israeli democracy, and to Jewish values, while undermining Israel’s image and relations with the United States government, American people, and American Jewry. They make it more difficult to appreciate Israel’s legitimate and ongoing security needs and efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We urge the entire Israeli government to unite in strong condemnation against these acts, to work decisively to hold those responsible accountable, and to confront the growing threats posed by these extremists with the determination and seriousness that this grave situation requires. 

Central Conference of American Rabbis
Israel Policy Forum
National Council of Jewish Women
Rabbinical Assembly
Union for Reform Judaism
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism