Israel Policy Forum expresses grave concern about the escalating tension and resulting violence in Jerusalem. As a city holy to the three major monotheistic faiths, any actions taken in Jerusalem must be with an eye to the religious and political sensitivities that make Jerusalem unique and a potentially dangerous flashpoint. Failure to coexist and maintain a status quo in a city that is claimed by all is bound to spill over well beyond Jerusalem. From attacks by Arabs on Jews and Jews on Arabs, to the discord caused by cordoning off the area around Damascus Gate during Ramadan, to provocative and unnecessary Israeli police actions on the Temple Mount and Palestinians chanting in response to bomb Tel Aviv, to the pending evictions and ongoing street fighting in Sheikh Jarrah, events in Jerusalem are moving quickly in a direction that could spiral out of control. We applaud the Supreme Court’s decision to postpone the Sheikh Jarrah hearing on Monday in order to avoid the confluence with Jerusalem Day, and we strongly urge Israeli authorities and Palestinian leaders to do more to lower the temperature. Prudent measures would include not impeding Muslim access to the Temple Mount, finding a solution in Sheikh Jarrah that does not result in the eviction of families who have lived in their homes for decades, preventing riots directed at Israeli police officers, and rerouting the Jerusalem Day flag march so that it is not designed to intentionally provoke residents of the Old City’s Muslim Quarter. There are many actors who wish to inflame tensions and cause even greater conflict. The difference between responsible and reckless leadership will be clear over the next few days. We hope that those with power and influence will take responsibility and stand up to prevent bloodshed over Jerusalem rather than make it inevitable.