Dear IPF Atid community,

We’re writing to you today to provide an inside look into what we’ve been working on at IPF Atid since last year’s “listening tour” and community survey. We’re so excited to announce new offerings for our growing community of passionate Atidniks!

From new opportunities like our Chevruta Connections networking initiative and forthcoming virtual skills-based training sessions in areas like op-ed writing and conversation facilitation, we plan to continue developing creative ways to build leadership and advance our mission.

Additionally, we’re doubling down on what worked so well in our first few years. Programs and projects can now be more seamlessly designed and hosted by trained IPF Atid leaders with the support of our new Powered by IPF Atid resource. We are also enhancing the offerings and prioritizing wider integration of the Women, Peace & Security Channel, while strategizing our overall approach to other special projects like this. 

Beyond piloting programs, IPF Atid staff and leadership are also working to answer key questions for our future such as: How can we effectively partner with young professionals from outside our chapter cities? How can Israel Policy Forum’s educational resources reach new leaders with lower levels of familiarity and exposure to our work?

When IPF Atid was founded less than four years ago, it was because young professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and political viewpoints came together to forge a new conversation. Pinpointing the polarized discourse, education, and overall engagement surrounding Israel—together with Israel Policy Forum—we’ve built a supportive, innovative, and impactful network to advance our shared values and vision of a Jewish, democratic, secure Israel.

While IPF Atid’s work may look different under the cloud of the pandemic, we have stayed focused on our mission and continue reflecting, listening, and strategizing. We’re excited to bring the Atidnik community into its  next phase, so we’re ready to hit the ground running once in-person gatherings can safely resume. 

It’s no secret that the policies and norms surrounding our issue changed dramatically over the past four years, leading us to support and push for a #RealisticReset with a new administration in place. Regardless of the changes that lie ahead, IPF Atid’s work remains critical: building leaders for the long haul. Through the above ideas and certainly more to come, we feel as confident as ever to sustainably and inclusively achieve these lofty goals. 

To learn more, please feel free to always reach out or schedule time with Organizing Fellow Alex Lederman. We’re always happy to connect, hear your perspective, and to partner on this crucial mission moving forward.

In gratitude and partnership,

Adam Basciano
IPF Atid National Director

Jonathan Kamel
IPF Atid National Chair