Earlier today, the United States experienced the first disruption of the peaceful transfer of power in its history, when an armed seditious mob stormed the Capitol at President Trump’s behest, with the aim of preventing elected Members of Congress from certifying the presidential vote in the Electoral College. We unreservedly and wholly condemn this. We live in a democratic republic where the rule of law reigns supreme, and there is no possible justification for insurrection aimed at preventing Congress – our first branch of government under the Constitution – from performing its constitutional duties. We condemn President Trump for inciting this brazen invasion of the citadel of our democracy, and we condemn all who encouraged it, cheered it on, and participated in one of the darkest and most shameful moments in the history of this country. We look forward to the peaceful transfer of power to President Biden on January 20, not as partisans but as patriotic Americans who value our democratic law and traditions, and we trust that all those involved in the disgraceful events that struck at the heart and symbol of American democracy will be held to account.