Israel Policy Forum welcomes the addition of Bahrain to the Abraham Accord and normalization of ties between Israel and Bahrain and congratulates all of the countries involved. Acceptance of Israel and its integration into the Middle East is a positive development for overall regional stability, for American interests, and, no less importantly, for Israelis not being unfairly ostracized by other states. We hope that Bahrain’s addition to the list of Arab states that have open and official relations with Israel paves the way for more such developments in the months and years ahead.

As with the announcement of the deal between Israel and the UAE, we urge Israel not to lose sight of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even as it celebrates agreements with other states, and to work toward its resolution. The lack of a permanent status agreement with the Palestinians will continue to create tangible problems for Israeli security and stability and will prevent Palestinians’ legitimate national aspirations from being recognized. While we fervently hope to see peace and normalization between Israel and every state in the Middle East, Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state requires addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, no matter how well integrated Israel becomes in the region. We hope that today’s announcement creates the necessary environment and incentives for progress on the Israeli-Palestinian front as well and helps chart a new course for all sides.