We write to you as American Jewish communal leaders who are proudly Zionist, unquestionably pro-Israel, and who have devoted our lives to supporting the State of Israel and ensuring an ironclad relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jewry.

In the midst of this unprecedented health and financial crisis for Israel, we respectfully urge you not to use the need for unity in the face of emergency to create a different crisis for Israel by moving forward on unilateral annexation.

We have strongly objected to Israel unilaterally annexing West Bank territory and applying sovereignty to Jewish settlements, whether according to the parameters of the Trump plan or any other similar proposal, at any point in time. To unilaterally move forward with such a plan now would be particularly damaging. It will call into question the Israeli government’s priorities during a global and national emergency, shine a spotlight on controversial Israeli policies rather than highlight valiant Israeli efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine, or laudable Israeli cooperation with the Palestinians on health and safety measures, and could create a rupture inside of Congress and in the upcoming presidential campaign during a volatile election season. It will be viewed as political opportunism by proponents of annexation during the worst possible moment and will make it more challenging for American Jewish leaders as they seek to maintain strong support for Israel and pro-Israel policies at this time.

Should annexation be advanced, American Jews – the majority of whom oppose such a policy – will feel more alienated from Israel as a result. Just as we expect that our own government focus on the crisis at hand without using the fear and uncertainty felt by Americans to push through harmful and unrelated policies, we ask that the leaders of the Jewish state to which we are all so committed do the same.

We therefore urge you to remain steadfast in your opposition to unilateral annexation.


Danny Abraham

Stuart Abramovitz

Amanda Achtman

Adi Adamit-Gorstein

Karen R. Adler

Michael M. Adler

Harold Akselrad

Rabbi Aaron L. Alexander

Sheldon Alster 

Niran Avni

Sheridan Bahar

Ellie Bahrmasel

Deborah Barak

Talia Benamy

Lawrence Bender

Marion Bergman

Sharon Hakakian Bergman

Stanley Bergman

Ross Beroff

Edward Blank

Laurie Blitzer

Kenneth Bob

David Bocarsly

Charles Bronfman

Matthew Bronfman

David T. Brown

Rabbi Angela Buchdahl

David J. Butler

Lester Crown

Tom Dine

Ben Diwan

Alisa Doctoroff

Melissa Dworkin

Molly Ellenberg

Rabbi David Ellenson

Robert Elman

Ethan Felder

John Fishel 

Joshua Frankel

Michael Gelman

Susie Gelman

Margot Goldberg

Joe Goldman

Abner Goldstine

E. Robert Goodkind

Brianna Goodlin

David Goodstone

Howard Gordon

Bruce Goren

William Gorin

Lawrence Gottlieb

Ben Gould

Lois Perelson Gross

Michael Gross

Stewart Gross

Steven Grossman

Amanda Guiliardi

David A. Halperin

Harold Handler

Isaac Hasson

Andrew Hauptman

Michael Hershfield 

Andrew Hirsh

Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt

Ada Horwich

Jim Horwich

Rabbi Rachel Isaacs

The Hon. Steve Israel

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Oren Jacobson

Daniel Jeydel

Peter A. Joseph

Thomas S. Kahn

Ron Kaplan

Sheila Katz 

Nancy Kaufman

Jonathan Kamel

Joe Kanfer

Stuart Katz 

Jennifer Brodkey Kaufman

Robert Kaufman

Tara Khoshbin

Avital Knoller

James L. Krasne

Sheila Lambert

Ronen Landa

Julien Lederman

Marvin Lender

Rabbi Marion Lev-Cohen

Alisa Levin

The Hon. Mel Levine

Robert K. Lifton

Dana Wechsler Linden

Carol London

Daryl Messinger

Adam Moscoe

Jonah Naghi

Bill Neiman

Eden Nissani

Alan Patricof 

Adena Philips

Lauren Post

Martin Raffel

Richard Ravitch

Yinon Raviv

Brandon Rattiner

Eli Reiter

Marcia Riklis 

Stephen Robert 

Edward Robin

Rick Rosen

Adam Rubenfire

Roni Rubenstein

Mony Rueven

John Ruskay

Zach Schenk

Hannah Schlachter

Alexis Schwartz

Russell Semmel

John M. Shapiro

David A. Sherman

Yaniv Shmukler

Marc Slutsky

Ben Slutzky 

Tema Smith

Jeffrey R. Solomon

Amb. Alan Solomont (Ret.)

Alan P. Solow

Rabbi David Saperstein

David R. Sicular 

Michael Sonnenfeldt

Alexandra Stabler

Marc R. Stanley

Lilian Stern

Susie Stern

Robert G. Sugarman

Donald Sussman

Ben Tannenbaum

Joel D. Tauber

Zach Urisman

James E. Walker III

Rachel Wallace

Peter Weltman

Caitlin Whittemore

Roger Widmann

Elaine Wolfensohn

Sir James Wolfensohn

Adina Wollner

Michael D. Young

Larry Zicklin

Uzi Zucker