Israel Policy Forum unveiled its newest network of young professionals with last night’s launch reception of its sixth IPF Atid chapter community in Boston.

At a private reception room at the Lamplighter Brewing Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, seventy-five attendees – including those new and previously engaged alike to the Israel policy community – participated in an evening of networking and learning with featured guests Michael Koplow (Policy Director, Israel Policy Forum), Rachel Goldberg (Boston Partners for Peace), Theodore Golfinopoulous (Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow and Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Dr. Shayna Weiss (Brandeis University’s Schusterman Center for Israel Studies).

“We were very happy to provide a space for my peers to explore a range of conversations and topics of interest related to Middle East policy, Israeli-Palestinian affairs, and the US-Israel relationship,” said Brianna Goodlin, a lay leader with Israel Policy Forum and incoming chair of IPF Atid Boston, continuing, “From understanding the security ramifications of an Israeli annexation of the West Bank, to discussing ideas for peacebuilding from newer lenses such as gender equity and the fields of STEM, most walked away from our event more energized and informed to better lean into these complex conversations.”

IPF Atid is the young professionals network of the Israel Policy Forum, an organization dedicated to elevating the discourse and mobilizing support for a viable two-state solution. IPF Atid aspires to educate, empower, and connect the rising generation of Jewish and foreign policy professionals in support of a Jewish, democratic, and secure Israel.

IPF Atid Boston joins chapter cities in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and other communities across its national network of millennials and other engaged individuals.

The next trip to Israel and the West Bank with select young professional leaders is taking place July 19-26. The group will engage in high-level meetings and strategic planning sessions with prominent leaders and analysts of Israel Policy Forum, partner organizations such as Commanders for Israel’s Security (a network of nearly 300 retired Israeli military commanders), millennial Israeli and Palestinian change-makers, and other relevant stakeholders and experts. Click here for more information.