Israel Policy Forum applauds the passage of House Resolution 326 by a vote of 226-118-2 with support from both sides of the aisle. The resolution puts the House of Representatives firmly on the record as supporting a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as opposing any unilateral annexation of territory outside the framework of a negotiated agreement, as reaffirming the United States’s ironclad commitment to Israel’s security through ensuring robust security assistance, and as acknowledging the necessity of restoring assistance to the Palestinians. This resolution serves as an unmistakable statement from the House of Representatives in support of a Jewish, democratic, and secure Israel, and is the first Congressional measure to specifically point to West Bank annexation as a danger to that vision.

We urge the Senate to join the House, in a bipartisan manner, in standing up for Israel’s security and the future of the Zionist dream. In the current political environment where dangerous West Bank annexation initiatives are being routinely proposed, it is critical that both houses of Congress make clear that the two-state solution supported by Republican and Democratic presidents and both parties for two decades remains American policy, and that annexation is an existential threat to Israel’s fundamental security.