In Israel, the Central Elections Committee takes out a bloc of air time before elections to present each party’s ad, free of charge, so that even the smallest lists have a chance to get exposure with voters.

Last week, we saw Kachol Lavan sitting around a table for a meaningful and manly conversation over Turkish coffee, Hadash-Ta’al calling on all voters to “flock to the polling stations,” Avigdor Liberman “exposing” the good life of Palestinian prisoners, Likud reminding us (again) that only they are strong and everyone else is weak, and United Torah Judaism set out on a mission to save the Sabbath. Here is an overview of the last week’s campaign videos:

Kachol Lavan: Talking Tough on Security

Kachol Lavan’s latest campaign has us listening in on what seems to be a meaningful conversation between men over coffee. In one of the most inauthentic scenes ever filmed, we can see three generals and one Lapid sitting down together, contemplating over what went wrong, who is to blame, and how they are going to make everything better again. The scene wants us to feel that they are on an important mission as they lean forward and listen to each other attentively.

However, the main issue with the video is not the scenario’s credibility but the credibility of the people and the substance of their words. Once again, Kachol Lavan throws in our direction the same slogans about togetherness, responsibility, leadership, sacrifice, and what it means to serve in the army your whole life, and, yet again failing to show us what they really stand for.

Hadash-Ta’al: Flocking to the Polls

Meet Israeli Arab list Hadash-Ta’al’s new slogan: “We are flocking to the polls.” The self-aware humor inverts Benjamin Netanyahu’s infamous election day remark from 2015 that Arabs were flocking to the polls (bussed in by leftist NGOs) and will probably give many in the Jewish public a good laugh. Of course, this is before you tell them that in Arabic the slogan says “stop the fascists.”

Hadash-Ta’al’s Hebrew campaign focuses on the fight against racism, hatred, discrimination, state-sponsored violence, and all other things that most decent people agree are bad. This is part of the party’s mission to look more like a universal faction that is not just for Israeli Arab voters.

Yisrael Beiteinu: Death Penalty for Terrorists

Avigdor Liberman once again promises the Israeli public that he will be the one to deliver them the Death Penalty for Terrorists Law, maybe for the last time before his Yisrael Beiteinu party officially slumps below the electoral threshold and says goodbye to its days in the Knesset.

In his latest video we are presented with a skit: four terrorists in a prison cell who seem to be living the good life with smartphones, books, and college degrees. The prisoners are having a discussion about who they are going to vote for. The terrorists consider Gantz (because he’s pretty) and Hayamin Hehadash (all talk and no action). Of course, when one of the characters considers Yisrael Beiteinu, his fellow prisoners become angry, warning him that Liberman will ruin their comfortable lifestyle in prison and probably execute them for doing something as supposedly trivial as killing Jews. Of course, the irony seems to be lost on Liberman that Palestinians in the territories can’t vote in Israeli elections, despite what this Yisrael Beiteinu video suggests.

Likud: Gantz is Unfit for Office

In the Likud’s latest video, we learn that Netanyahu is strong and Gantz is weak  — that is, in case we didn’t understand that from the other fifty videos they have shown us saying the exact same thing. But now Likud has added something new: it’s not just that Gantz is left-wing and weak. He is apparently paranoid and mentally unstable too.

In what seems to be a tactic straight out of Trump’s playbook on campaign strategy, Netanyahu wants us to think that Gantz has some sort of mental illness. The video has us listening to tapes of Gantz saying he thinks Netanyahu had the Russians hack in to his cell phone, and shows us an interview in which Gantz stutters. These tapes cast Gantz in a negative light, while also showing us that Netanyahu won’t stop until he has everyone believing that Gantz is mentally ill and therefore unfit to govern a country.

The same tactic was used in the last elections when Isaac Herzog was painted by his rivals as too weak and even effeminate. How will the next candidate who challenges the right be smeared?  Whatever happens, we can be sure it will involve Netanyahu as the only person fit to be prime minister, disregarding the fact that Israel had twelve prime ministers before him.

United Torah Judaism: Vote With Your Heart

United Torah Judaism understands that their Haredi voter base doesn’t even watch national television, but consumes information through ultra-Orthodox sectoral media outlets. However, UTJ won’t just give up their precious air time. Thus, they have decided to try to appeal to the non-Orthodox and more traditional public. The main issue at stake – Shabbat.

In the video, MK Moshe Gafni is shown trying to approach all those who feel deep in their hearts that the sanctity of the Sabbath is something worth fighting for, because otherwise it will become just like any other day of the week. Gafni finishes off by saying “in the moment of truth,” when you are all alone in the polling station, “vote with your heart,” which evidently means voting for UTJ.