Reports indicate that tomorrow will be judgment day for Benjamin Netanyahu, as the attorney general is widely expected to recommend charges against the prime minister in three separate cases. But yesterday, it was Netanyahu himself who stole the headlines with a controversial video that aired on his newly-released his new personal TV station, Likud TV.

The video featured a party activist with graves of IDF soldiers at Mount Herzl serving as a backdrop, declaring that the left, in particular, Gantz and Lapid are dangerous and will lead to the deaths of hundreds of Israelis.

After the almost unprecedented backlash (to the point that even extremist MK Oren Hazan tweeted “Mr. prime minister, this time you’ve gone too far.”), Netanyahu ordered clip taken down, yet many remain skeptical whether Netanyahu actually showed regret or wanted to erase the issue. Those close to Netanyahu say he is very involved in every item shared on social media on his or the party’s behalf.

Watch the clip with English subtitles below: