While there is a legitimate debate to be had about the wisdom of withdrawing from the Iran deal, President Trump’s announcement yesterday – in clear opposition to the wishes of the P5 +1 countries, particularly the United States’ E3 allies Britain, France, and Germany – is concerning. Any effort to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power will require buy-in from American allies, and withdrawing from the nuclear agreement in an effort to get Iran to agree to tougher terms going forward is only a viable tactic if there is a formulated and multilateral Plan B in place. Safeguarding American and Israeli security cannot be accomplished if foreign policy is conducted as an extemporaneous exercise based upon campaign sloganeering rather than well-crafted policies. What is critical now is not only to think through how best to keep Iran’s nuclear ambitions in check, but to also prevent the divisiveness that characterized the debate in the American Jewish community during the lead up to the Iran deal’s formulation. Rather than relitigate previous battles, it is imperative to focus on what comes next.