Israel Policy Forum (IPF) strongly condemns today’s terror attack in Har Adar​​ ​in which three Israelis​ were killed​. ​This type of terrorism only reinforces the fundamental precept that Palestinian nationalism and independence cannot be built on the blood of Israelis. Moreover, the terrorist who committed the attack had a work permit issued by the Israeli government, which makes this event ​all the more ​ominous​.

By taking advantage of a program designed to improve the lives of Palestinians, the Har Adar terrorist put the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians at risk. This attack must be condemned by the Palestinian leadership, and the terrorist must not be glorified nor his family rewarded for his detestable actions. We at IPF reiterate that only negotiations and respect for the fundamental right of Israelis to live free from terror will bring about a Palestinian state alongside Israel.