Dear Friends:

With President Trump’s reprehensible statements Saturday and again yesterday, the White House has abdicated its moral authority, and a White House bereft of moral authority weakens the United States’ position as a global leader and sows confusion and distrust amongst our allies. These statements undermine our nation’s standing and its ability to be a force for good in the world.

Any prospect of bringing the Israelis and Palestinians together to ultimately achieve a resolution depends heavily on the robust leadership role that the United States must play in the region and on the world stage. 

We unite with leaders throughout the Jewish community, in Washington, and in Israel, in resoundingly rejecting the hatred that was on display in Charlottesville as the antithesis of the ​fundamental values upon which our ​nation was founded and ​​which must form the basis for America’s continued global leadership.


Susie Gelman,
Chair, IPF Board