Israel Policy Forum (IPF) expresses its unqualified and strident opposition to the bill reportedly being submitted on Sunday to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation that will annex Ma’ale Adumim and all territory within its municipal boundaries, including E-1.

Any efforts to annex any portion of Area C will cause incalculable damage to Israel’s standing with the United States and the international community, will harm Israel’s strategic posture and diplomatic efforts around the world, will bring about greater efforts to delegitimize Israel through sanctions and boycotts, and will do nothing to safeguard Israelis’ daily security.

Annexing and building in E-1 in particular will cross a red line that has been established by the international community and successive American administrations and to which every Israeli government, including the current one, has adhered out of recognition that building in E-1 will destroy the contiguity of a future Palestinian state.

While we recognize that Ma’ale Adumim would almost certainly be incorporated into Israel following successful permanent status negotiations with the Palestinians, annexing it outside of a negotiated agreement not only violates standing Israeli commitments but will cause grave damage in the present.

We call on every responsible member of the Israeli government to reject this effort in the strongest possible terms, and we reiterate our view that any moves toward annexation of territory in the West Bank will be extremely self-damaging to Israel.