An exclusive conference call to discuss the Paris Peace Conference with Celine Touboul, Major General (Ret.) Avi Mizrahi, and IPF Executive Director David Halperin.

Celine Touboul is Deputy Director General and senior researcher of the Economic Cooperation Foundation (ECF). Ms. Touboul leads ECF’s work in all policy, economic, and security issues related to the Gaza Strip, and is involved in policy planning efforts related to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Major General (Res.) Avi Mizrahi served as the head of IDF Central Command from 2009 to 2012. Mizrahi was drafted into the IDF in 1975, where he joined Sayeret Golani and later became brigade commander of the Israeli Armored Corps. Today, he is one of over 240 generals that make up Commanders for Israel’s Security.