IPF welcomes the strong endorsement of the two-state solution expressed by the international community at the Paris Peace Conference. We stress that there is no viable alternative to two states, and we are heartened by the effort to ensure that the two-state solution remains the consensus.

Imposing a solution on the parties without their involvement is neither advisable nor helpful, and we question the utility of negotiations in an environment that almost certainly guarantees their failure given the enormous distrust between the two sides and the corrosive political environment. We appreciate that the Joint Declaration issued at the conference’s conclusion made no attempt to prejudice issues that are subject to permanent status negotiations, though we remain skeptical of the Paris conference’s timing in light of the uncertainty surrounding the new American administration’s policies toward Israel and two states.
We continue to support measures that will further a two-state reality on the ground while improving Israel’s security, such as the initiatives developed by the Commanders for Israel’s Security. We call on the international community to back constructive steps toward two states while avoiding any moves that will harden intransigent positions.
We invite you to join an exclusive conference call to discuss the Paris Peace Conference with Celine Touboul, Major General (Ret.) Avi Mizrahi, and IPF Executive Director David Halperin at 1:30PM ET on Tuesday, January 17th. For dial-in instructions and more information, click here.