IPF expresses its shock and outrage at the brutal and despicable murder of Hallel Ariel, whose alleged crime was to be a thirteen-year-old sleeping in her bed on the wrong side of an armistice line, and the terror attack on a family, whose alleged crime was driving on a road on the wrong side of an armistice line. No attack deliberately aimed to kill and terrorize civilians is ever justified, but it is particularly monstrous to repeatedly stab a defenseless teenager asleep in her home and nearly equally monstrous to celebrate and glorify the act and the terrorist who committed it. Such brutality and wanton disregard for human life have absolutely zero relation to any policies undertaken by the Israeli government and must be universally condemned, irrespective of one’s position on the wisdom or legality of settlements in the West Bank. We insist that President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority condemn these terror attacks, disavow the terrorists who committed them, and refrain from glorifying terrorists as martyrs who are acting on behalf of the Palestinian cause. Until such morally reprehensible activity comes to an end, Israel will be justified in claiming not to have a partner for peace.